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UNIT was founded in 2009 and since then we have been working on a wide variety of software projects and have accumulated experience with a lot of technology. Several of our main projects were developed in the Action Script and deployed as multi-platform Desktop applications (Adobe Air), rich web applications and multi-platform mobile applications. The development of these applications included work with social network APIs like Facebook Graph API, Twitter and Youtube APIs, video and sound streaming, integration with native processes etc. Our second field of expertise is development of IOS applications and in this field we have also gained thorough knowledge about different technology including geo-fencing, location services, push notification, barcode scanning, building of hybrid applications, building of information rich maps, animations etc. Beside these two fields we have successfully developed a few specialized softwares based on C++ and C# technology that integrated contact and contactless smart cards, barcode authentication, kiosk terminals and different industrial equipment.

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Unit can provides complete development solution for your software product. Our experience enable us to effectively handle software projects of any scale and complexity.

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Planning startup and you need developers? Join forces with agile and goal-oriented Unit team. We will be very excited to help you develop The next big thing.

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Are you stuck with integration of new technology? Need advice on software architecture? We can help you to choose right direction and successfully finish your project .

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